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January 8, 2010

Bill Bixby, My Favourite Martian, 1963





















Socrates was the first philosopher to postulate that media technologies were not of this world.  Bill Bixby (a.k.a Tim O’Hara) unwittingly becomes, after Plato, his second amanuensis on the matter. In time he learns to love the alien.

January 6, 2010

Dag Hammarskjold (Secretary General, United Nations), 1961



















Secretary Dag Hammarskjold receives his last call prior to embarking on his ill-fated flight to Africa, September, 1961. Secretary Hammarskjold was due to meet for talks with President Moise Tshombe of Katanga Province.  Twelve other people died in the fatal crash.

January 6, 2010

Unidentified Student, University of Melbourne, 1967




















The urgency of this anti-Vietnam war “sit-in” fails to hold the attention of at least one student. His interlocutor was apparently “doing nothing” at the time.

January 6, 2010

Stan and Nance Lawrence, Carlton, 1952




















“Tell them to deliver the coal on time, Dad”

January 4, 2010

Jean Shrimpton, Flemington, Derby Day, 1965

Mrs Nan Albinski of Glen Iris is the first to alert the world to “The Shrimp’s” couture outrage. “Not fit for decent society”, Nan was overheard to say by one titillated eavesdropper.